What is the reason for the peculiar smell analysis in the use of UV flatbed printers?

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UV flatbed printers will produce some peculiar smells in actual printing, and also the worse the ink, the stronger the smell. If a salesman says that UV ink doesn’t produce a peculiar smell, this can be impossible. The difference lies within the intensity of the smell and also the degree of harm to the environment. During this issue, the author introduces the causes of odors in printing for my friends.

Reason 1. 

LED UV curing lamps will produce slight ozone when irradiated. This smell is comparatively weak, and also the quantity is little, and it’s generally not smelled;

Reason 2.

The substrates of various materials are full of the environment, and related chemical substances are going to be decomposed, which is able to produce pungent odors;

Reason 3.

The UV ink product itself contains a particular odor and can produce some odor after curing, or it’s going to chemically react with the substrate itself to supply a peculiar smell.

Reason 4: 

Consistent with the necessities of their own products, some users will add some auxiliary materials like auxiliary materials within the actual printing of UV flatbed printers, which can cause pungent odors.

It is worth noting that the odor itself will evaporate very quickly and can not continue on the surface of the substrate for an extended time. the particular operator only must keep a distance of quite 2 meters from the printing platform of the UV flatbed printer to avoid ink odor. Stimulus.


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