What is the use of a UV flatbed printer?

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Today we have come to understand the purpose of flatbed printers. Flatbed printers are also called “universal printers”. The reason why they are universal is that they have higher working efficiency and a wider range of applications than ordinary printers.

The core function of the flatbed printer is to extend the flat paper printing to the surface printing of three-dimensional objects. Whether it is raw materials such as metal, stone, glass, or semi-finished products such as leather bags and plaques, as long as it is within the specified range of 0.01 mm-200 mm, it will not be difficult. it. Flatbed printers are easy to operate, do not need to reverse copy and register as before, and the printing speed is very fast, which meets the requirements of industrialized mass production and is very popular with users.

1. Background wall of art glass and ceramic tiles

Nowadays, many companies engaged in the processing, production, and sales of home improvement background walls choose flatbed printers, which are in line with the current trend of the industry.

2. Advertising processing

Flatbed printers simplify traditional printing methods and are very popular in the advertising industry. For advertising printing, acrylic and metal signs are generally printed, and they will charge some processing fees, and now many do this.

3. Product processing

Generally, factories that use flatbed printers for product processing are factories. Under the premise of almost no increase in cost, the applicability of their products is greatly increased, and profits are maximized.

4. Print UV dtf film

UV printer printing UV dtf film is a new technology that realizes unlimited materials and no requirements on the surface of the object, which makes up for the lack of the printer to print only flat surfaces.

The above is the main purpose of the flatbed printer. If you want to know more about the flatbed printer, you can follow and bookmark our website, we will continue to update it.


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