What is UV DTF film ? What is UV DTF Printer ?

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What is the process of UV DTF film?

UV DTF film is first to print glue, isolation, pattern, bronzing, and varnish layer by layer on special PP release paper into patterns, trademarks, etc., and then cover the transfer film. Then the transfer film is used to bring up the pattern and attach it to the surface of the object.

UV DTF film processing technology

Now you can directly make and process UV DTF film with a UV printer.

UV printer can realize one piece of printing, no need to make a plate, just print out, greatly save all kinds of tedious operation steps and technological process, whether it is LOGO trademark or gradient pattern, “matte mode”, “light mode, no varnish” The effects of various modes such as modes can be realized, which meets the needs of various types of personalized small-batch customization customers.

But you need to pay attention to the following two points:

1. The amount of white ink

When printing UV DTF film, the thickness of the white ink must be controlled. The thickness of the white ink determines the three-dimensional effect of the pattern.

2. The choice of the bottom paper

In fact, to make UV DTF film, the equipment is not difficult, the bottom paper is.

The bottom paper is the key to determining whether the UV DTF film can be transferred completely and easily. The high-quality backing paper can firmly adhere to the pattern, but it is very easy to separate the two. Even the text with very thin strokes can be easily transferred to the transfer paper.

And the chemical performance is stable. When the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment change, the length, and width of the bottom paper remain unchanged, so as to avoid wrinkling and deformation of the bottom paper, which will affect the pattern.

There are different levels of crystal label backing paper on the market. How choose a high-quality, low-cost, strong adhesive backing paper is the key to whether advertisers can print perfect patterns.

UV DTF film application

Bright patterns, rich colors, good adhesion, strong three-dimensionality, strong scratch resistance, no residual glue, the longer the sticking time, the drier, the stronger the adhesion.

It can be applied to decorative transfer decals for all kinds of shoes, hats, clothing accessories, luggage, glass art, tea packaging box labels, handicrafts, wood, plastic, sports equipment, helmets, and other irregular products that cannot be directly printed by UV printers.

Features of UV DTF film

1. It saves labor. Compared with screen printing and transfer printing, if UV printing is used, one person can complete the printing, which can reduce labor costs for the enterprise;

2. Pollution is reduced. Compared with the unpleasant and pungent smell of weak solvents and silk screen printing, UV ink greatly reduces pollution.

3. The advantage of personalized printing is outstanding. If you want to print any pattern, you can make the picture directly through the ps software.

What is a UV DTF Printer?

UV DTF Printer=UV Printer+UV DTF film+Laminating machine

The following is the whole process video of the UV DTF Printer.


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