What is uv printer grayscale printing?

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UV printer grayscale printing means:

In a nozzle hole, ink dots of different sizes can be ejected, which is the function of fusing multiple ink dots together to form a large ink dot. Grayscale printing has a better effect on the transition from dark to light. One condition of this skill is that the print head supports grayscale printing, which is controlled by the board program.

  During the operation of the UV flatbed printer, the position of the print head is fixed, and the head is constantly moving. Since the printed object is stationary, a lot of fluid can potentially be placed, thereby achieving higher ink throughput. UV flatbed printers have only one chance to pass the printing medium through the print head, which makes gray-scale printing skills vital to UV flatbed printers.

The ability to complete grayscale printing can generate ink droplets of different sizes based on the data in a single image file to obtain image quality consistent with high-resolution imaging of small ink dots, without dedicating to the productivity associated with large ink drop printing The print head drive system (including hardware and software) needs to be specially designed to complete the grayscale printing function of different brands of print heads.


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