What kind of computer for UV flatbed printer?

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      UV flatbed printer is now getting more and more attention, though it is simple to configure, easy to operate, less printing process, and very convenient and fast. Just a computer, plus a UV flatbed printer, you can print out a variety of desired patterns, then a UV flatbed printer configuration of what kind of computer is the most appropriate?

General configuration

       For a UV flatbed printer, an ordinary everyday office computer can meet its requirements, such as a dual-core CPU, 1GB to 2GB of memory, 250G hard drive, integrated graphics or independent graphics, the motherboard provides 2 to 4 USB interfaces, wired network card interface can be, no other special interfaces and configurations (such as print serial port and other such interfaces).

The computer also has image design and processing, so it is necessary to buy a higher configuration of the computer

        If the computer also has to image design and process, it is necessary to buy a higher configuration of the computer, so that the computer operates more smoothly. It is recommended that the computer configuration such as I3 processor, 4G memory, 1GB discrete graphics, hard disk 500G or more capacity, the motherboard with a brand, such as Asus or Gigabyte, etc… Such a full set of computer configurations down is about USD450. Completely can meet the UV flatbed printer’s daily layout design, image processing, and print output requirements.

The computer has the need for Internet access, you can then match a network card to achieve Internet output both

       Some UV flatbed printers use a network interface connection, if the computer has Internet demand, you can then match a network card to achieve Internet output. But it should be noted that please do not use the USB interface external network card connected to the UV flatbed printer, because the USB external network card transmission will have problems, which will cause the computer Montaigne to send large data printing when the photo machine prints a lag problem.

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