What kind of effects can UV flatbed printers print?

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The power of UV flatbed printers has been well known. The following three effects can be made from flatbed printers: flat ordinary color printing effect, flat 3D color printing effect, and embossed 3D effect. Let us feel its vibration function again.

1. Plain ordinary color printing effect

Flatbed printers have the printing function of ordinary color printers and can print any picture. Unlike ordinary color printers, the printing format of flatbed printers is much larger. In the past, some materials with limited color printing can be printed with flatbed printers. NS.

  ↑Power bank printing

  ↑Leather print

2. Flat 3D color printing effect

Planar 3D color printing effect The difference between the ordinary color printing effect on the war surface is that the 3D effect looks flat and the image is very lifelike. The flat 3D color printing effect is completed by printing the 3D effect image with a flatbed printer.

3. Relief 3D effect

Relief 3D effect focuses on “relief”, out of context means that the image is floating on the data, and the effect is the same after carving. Its manufacturing process is to use a flatbed printer to stack the ink to make the image into a relief effect. There are many parts that require relief. Just print it once or twice. Relief 3D effect The big difference in the 3D effect of the war surface is that the relief 3D effect feels uneven to the touch, while the flat 3D effect is flat to the touch.

UV flatbed printers are known for their versatility in printing various effects on different materials. In addition to the three effects mentioned, UV flatbed printers can also print gloss and matte finishes, textures, and even metallic finishes. They can also print white ink, which is essential for printing on transparent or colored materials. Furthermore, UV flatbed printers can print on a wide range of substrates such as acrylic, glass, metal, wood, leather, and more. Overall, UV flatbed printers offer a wide range of creative possibilities for businesses and individuals who want to produce high-quality, visually appealing prints.


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