What kind of ink can be used in a flatbed printer besides UV ink?

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In addition to using UV ink, what other inks can UV flatbed printers use?

As flatbed printers are more and more used in more industries, people are becoming more aware of them. The UV printer has gradually lifted its mysterious veil, which is closely related to people’s lives. Many people also know that the nozzles used in flat-panel UV printers on the market are Epson 5th generation nozzles, and 5th generation nozzles are currently recognized as the highest precision nozzles, and most of the inks are UV ink. As we all know, the quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed image and also determines the service life of the printer nozzle. However, the manufacture of UV flatbed printer inks is extremely complicated. If we only need to meet the quality requirements of continuous printing, we can completely choose non-original high-quality inks with high quality and low price. 

1: Epson water-based original ink: 

Since the flatbed printer uses Epson’s nozzles, the effect of choosing Epson water-based original ink will be very good, there are few clogging, but we must know that there is no ink that will not be clogging! Some are just the correct use in daily use and long-term maintenance of the nozzle.

2: Eco-solvent ink: 

a kind of solvent ink that is very popular in recent years. Eco-solvent ink not only has low taste but also has fine ink particles, the printed pictures are exquisite and the corrosion effect is small. Eco-solvent ink is suitable for almost all media, but all materials need to be coated before printing. Eco-solvent inks also have the following characteristics:

(1) Beautiful and rich colors, lifelike effects, wide color gamut, and excellent color expression.

(2) Waterproof, wear-resistant, and not easy to decolor.

(3) Imported raw materials are used, with good dispersion stability and no plugging.

(4) Long-lasting outdoor performance, able to resist the influence of UV light and prevent color fading.

(5) It does not contain toxic solvents such as benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone, etc., with minimal taste and environmental protection.

(6) Good adhesion, quick-drying, the finished product is ready after printing.


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