What printer is good for printing children’s schoolbags?

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School Bags are the backpacks of students and the school’s logo. Nowadays, schoolbag customization has gradually become a “marketing strategy”. Whether it is an educational institution for marketing purposes or a traditional school, school bags will highlight the school’s brand image and brand. Logos and even brand slogans, so schoolbags no longer simply choose good materials, but also need to print a good brand. How can we print logos on school bags? Here is a brief introduction to several common methods.

1. Silk screen printing

Silkscreen printing is stencil printing. It is called the four printing methods together with flat printing, embossing, and gravure printing. Silk printing is the squeezing of the squeegee during printing to transfer the ink through the mesh of the graphic part. On the surface of the schoolbag, the same graphics and text as the original are formed. The screen printing equipment is simple and easy to operate, but the pollution is serious and does not conform to the current environmental protection concept.

2. Oil color printing

We can always see many children carrying colorful school bags. Most of them use spray paint or paint. This kind of printing can better highlight the different colors of the school, but oil color printing has a great paint smell. It is not good for children’s health, the paint will fall off, and the brand effect is short-lasting.

3. Printing

The machine for printing patterns on school bags is a product of a combination of traditional printing and computer digital. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional printing, such as small batches, rapid production of finished products, bright and complex colors, cumbersome process links, environmental protection, and other problems. It does not absorb water and is dust-proof. Strong sex.

4. UV printing

UV printing is currently the most mainstream method. Compared with traditional printing, it is environmentally friendly, efficient, time-saving, labor-saving and labor-saving, and simple to operate. One person can operate one or more machines. You only need to take pictures to be printed and place the media On the schoolbag printer, then press to print, the product is ready to print, has high precision, has a fast production capacity, and meets the needs of mass production.

        Children’s school bag printers are also what we often call UV printers. Shenzhen is the birthplace of this type of machine. Therefore, if you have a friend in need, it is best to take the time to visit the manufacturer and take a look at the quality of the machine, the R&D team, the after-sales team, etc., like The well-known UV printer manufacturer Micolorprint has been in this industry for more than ten years. The quality and after-sales are well-known. The products are sold to European countries. Everyone knows that European countries have very strict quality requirements. Therefore, the quality of Micolorprint is still trustworthy.


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