What printer is good for printing pvc materials?

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If you want to ask what printer is good for printing PVC materials, a UV printer is the first choice. UV printing is currently the most popular printing method, because UV printers are almost not limited by materials, and can be applied to full-color printing of flat, curved, or cylindrical objects of any material. Its disruptive digital printing concept has brought the printing industry A new wind swept the entire industry with an unstoppable force.


In addition, UV printing can greatly reduce printing costs and improve production efficiency. Some experts predict that UV printing will replace traditional silk screen, pad printing, and transfer printing in the next 5 years and become the largest printing method in the printing industry. This shows that printing PVC materials are still the most suitable choice for UV printers.

Speaking of PVC printers, there are still a large number of brands in my country. To choose a good PVC printer brand, you need to start from several aspects, such as the configuration performance of the equipment, after-sales service, and value-added services (pre-press, print-in, print-in Manuals for the treatment process of various materials and supporting coatings, varnishes, and varnishes).

It is best that Micolorprint recommends that when choosing PVC printers, you should compare between how many manufacturers, do a comprehensive test on the printing accuracy, printing speed, and service life of the equipment, and choose the most suitable UV printer.


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