What printer is used for gold foil medals?

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In daily life, we often come into contact with various medals, such as gold foil medals, sand gold medals, sand silver medals, wooden pallet medals, bronze medals, etc., and the equipment that prints these kinds of medals is currently the most used. UV flatbed printer.


With the continuous changes in market demand, the traditional silk screen printing process can no longer meet people’s needs. The emergence of UV flatbed printers has just solved this problem. Let’s briefly introduce the advantages of UV flatbed printers in printing medals and signs.

First of all, the UV flatbed printer does not require plate making and color registration, and it completely relies on silk printing technology. An ordinary UV printer can completely print out the various medal pattern effects you want, and it can also be customized. You only need to edit the text on the pattern template. The color can be printed directly, the printing speed is fast, the adhesion of the coating will be better, and the color will not fade.

What printer is used to print gold foil medals?

We recommend Micolorprint’s 9060uv flatbed printer. The 900*600mm format completely covers all medal sizes and the price is favorable. It can be regarded as the most cost-effective UV flatbed printer on the market.


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