What printer is used for the integrated ceiling printing device?

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The integrated ceiling we are talking about generally refers to the integrated ceiling of smallpox. With the continuous development of the integrated ceiling industry, ceilings such as whole house ceilings, living room ceilings, and corridor ceilings have gradually become the mainstream of home decoration. Traditional monotonous colors have long been unable to meet people’s needs. UV color printing integrated ceilings are becoming a trend in the market.


We know that the materials generally used for integrated ceilings are aluminum gusset, PVC board, gypsum board, glass board, etc. Why are they suitable for printing on various materials? At present, only mainstream UV flatbed printers are most suitable. 

The integrated ceiling printing device chooses the UV flatbed printer to have the following advantages:

  1. Support personalized customization, you can easily print various characters, and landscape patterns and the effect is realistic.

2. Support 3d, embossed effect, printed matter presents 3d, embossed effect, the hand touches the unevenness, which greatly improves the appreciation and added value.

3. The equipment is easy to operate, only an ordinary computer is needed. After opening the software and setting the pattern, one-key automatic printing starts, saving time and labor costs.

4. Unrestricted printing materials and wider service coverage can create more value for businesses.

What printer is most suitable for integrated ceiling printing equipment? 

Of course, choose a UV flatbed printer.


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