What printer is used to print the lightbox film?

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Speaking of lightbox advertisements, everyone is most familiar with them. Whether it is shopping malls, hotels, subways, or railway stations, lightbox advertisements can be seen everywhere. With the continuous growth of lighting demand in life, production, advertising, etc., the lightbox lighting industry is bound to usher in a broader development. So how is such a lightbox made? What printer is used to print the lightbox film?


In fact, lightbox films are all printed with UV printers. Generally speaking, if the quantity is small, 6090 or 4290 UV printers are usually used for printing and processing, and the Epson nozzles used have high printing accuracy. If the quantity is large, you can use the 4290 lightbox printer with industrial nozzles. The printing accuracy is a bit lower than that of Epson heads, but the printing speed can reach more than 3 times.

The quality of the patterns printed by the UV printer to print the lightbox is very good, waterproof, scratch-resistant, non-fading, and can reach photo-level quality.


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