What should be paid attention to when adjusting the ink thickness of UV flatbed printer?

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UV printers are becoming more and more popular in today’s market, with more and more applications, and more and more customers are buying. Some novices who have just bought a flatbed printer are not very familiar with its operation, and they will encounter various problems in the operation. Among them, how to adjust the thickness of the flatbed printer ink is a typical problem. Here, the Micolorprint printer will briefly talk about the precautions when adjusting the ink thickness.

        At present, UV flatbed printers on the domestic market are generally four-color, and the standard for industrial-grade equipment is six-color and eight-color. When the UV flatbed printer is printing, the thickness of the jetted ink is related to the quality of the printing effect, so you must be careful when adjusting. There are three main factors that need to be paid attention to when adjusting the ink thickness:

  The type and background color of the flatbed printer’s printing materials should be adjusted according to the different materials to adjust the thickness of the ink.

If the surface of the printing material is softer, the gap is larger, and the background color is darker, such as leather, cloth, etc., you need to increase the amount of ink by 20%-40%.

  It depends on the requirements of the UV flatbed printer to print patterns, and adjust the ink thickness according to the color of the pattern.

If the color of the pattern to be printed is bright and dark, the ink thickness needs to be increased appropriately, and vice versa, the ink thickness must be reduced.

  It depends on the special needs of customers and adjusts the ink thickness according to the different needs of customers.

If the customer requires a 3D relief effect, the flatbed printer needs to increase the thickness of the ink when working.

        Many customers are not very familiar with the newly purchased UV printers. When they encounter failures or the printing effect is not ideal, they do not know where to start. Don’t worry at this time, because this is a process of exploring and summing up the experience. You must follow the instructions. Step by step with the operation guide, it is really impossible to solve, you can consult the manufacturer’s technicians for help.


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