What should be paid attention to when encountering the problem of the color cast on flatbed printers?

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(1) If it’s directly output using design software like PHOTOSHOP.

Make a sample for sample color output. it’s worth noting the subsequent items:

①It is best to use a sort of ink and a well-recognized medium frequently because the color standard of every brand of ink is different, therefore the color of the image formed is additionally different;

②The difference within the production process of every medium is especially prominent, and also the ink absorption, coloring degree, and ink distribution of the coating also are different, which also causes the color of the image to vary greatly;

③Select the identical monitor for printing, because each RGB setting is different, and also the output effect is additionally different.

④In the image format, it’s best to line RGB for printing, the deviation is comparatively small. Because the image is ready in CMYK mode for printing, it doesn’t belong to the identical category because the CMYK is set in inkjet; whether or not the CMYK format set within the image is printed, it must be converted to RGB mode then converted to RGB mode for inkjet Perform output.

⑤Attention within the printer driver: If the color set includes: “saturated color, matching screen, etc.”, select the matching screen item; the deviation is comparatively small.

(2) If you utilize Montai to print.

First, prepare a high-end computer monitor that may adjust the R, G, and B values, and complete the subsequent operations:

①Choose an image with good color, and print it out with Montai RIP.

②Compare the printed draft with the image displayed on the screen. If it’s inconsistent, adjust the R, G, and B values ​​of the monitor to the identical color because of the two images.

③If you employ PHOTOSHOP for image processing, open this image in PHOTOSHOP at an identical time. If the image displayed in PHOTOSHOP is inconsistent with Montai, adjust the screen color of the image until it’s identical because the image is displayed in Montai. After the above three steps, you’ll basically make sure that the content displayed on the screen is that the same.


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