What should I do if the image quality of the UV flatbed printer is incorrectly operated?

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When operating the UV flatbed machine, you may encounter various major problems. Today I will share with you how to deal with the printing quality errors of the UV flatbed machine.

During the production of UV flatbed printers, image quality manufacturing errors will occur due to print head failure, media placement, vertical adjustment, etc. The most important thing is that the print head drips or leaks, or the print head and the data medium are very close, causing the print head to wipe the surface of the medium. , Damage image quality. UV flatbed printing materials should be placed flat, which will be much better for equipment with suction installation. Perhaps another reason is that the print material is so average or thin. At this time, it is necessary to load the printing material again to ensure a smooth appearance, in addition to replacing the absolutely uneven printing material.

UV flatbed printers sometimes show ink dripping during printing. This situation is usually caused by the drying of the filter in the air filter above the secondary ink tank, which causes the air to be blocked. This situation may also be caused by the fact that the print head of the UV printer has fine hairs and dust, and the ink ejected by the UV flatbed printer will manually drip when the dirt accumulates to a certain level. To deal with this kind of problem, the air filter needs to be replaced. In addition, it is also necessary to clean the head with a special cleaning fluid, and a detailed inspection should be done on the two edges of the lightbox cloth to see if there are any burrs, assuming there are burrs. If it is, it can be handled intuitively with a lighter.

After the UV flatbed printer transmits the printing data, its indicator light will always flash and never stop, even if the start button is pressed, the UV printer still cannot print. This is also a commonly used printing manufacturing failure, and it is easy to handle by an inexperienced operator.

If the indicator light of the UV flatbed printer is always flashing and it cannot print, you can try the following methods:

1. Check if there is enough ink in the ink tank. If the ink level is too low, add more ink to the tank.

2. Check if the print head is clogged or dirty. If so, clean the print head with a special cleaning fluid.

3. Check if the data cable between the computer and the printer is connected properly. If not, reconnect the cable.

4. Restart the UV flatbed printer and try again.

If none of these methods work, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.


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