What should I do if the ink change lamp and paper jam lamp of the flatbed printer flash at the same time?

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During the use of the flatbed printer, sometimes an error occurs when the ink change lamp and the paper jam lamp flash at the same time in the middle of printing, and the computer prompts “general error”.

Don’t panic at this time, the ink change lamp and the paper jam lamp will flash at the same time, and the computer will prompt a “general error”. The correct way to deal with it is as follows:

1. First, long press the “Online button” on the keypad (the first one from the right, with “POWER” written on it) until all the lights on the keypad are off.

2. Press “Enter” to reset the platform, and make sure to hear the reset sound.

3. Close the window that reports the error on the computer, find the corresponding printer name in “Printers and Faxes”, and double-click to delete all the printing tasks in it. If you find that the print job cannot be deleted, unplug the USB cable connected to the flatbed printer.

4. Turn off the power of the flatbed printer, and then turn it on normally.

There are four reasons for the dual lights flashing at the same time in the flatbed printer:

1. The platform is not in place.

Before sending the print command, make sure that the platform is in place. The judgment method is: after the platform is in place, there will be a reset sound.

2. The printed picture is larger than the paper size setting.

After finishing the drawing, click “Print” and find the “Advanced” tab in “Page Setup”, set the correct paper size to ensure that it is larger than the actual print size.

3. Loosen the drive belt.

 If the transmission belt is too tight, it will also cause the double lights to flash at the same time during printing. Just loosen the transmission belt slightly.

4. Clean the cleaning unit.

If the universal flatbed printer is used for a long time and does not pay attention to maintenance, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the relevant parts of the cleaning unit, so daily care is very important.

If you have tried resetting repeatedly and it doesn’t work, then you have to remember carefully what you did before the problem occurred.

1. If the small ink cartridge has been moved or taken out before, it means that the ink cartridge has not been installed in place and the flatbed printer has not recognized it. At this time, follow the following three steps:

  (1). Turn on normally, wait until the “ink change lamp INK” is always on, press the ink change button once, and the carriage will move out at this time;

  (2). After the carriage stops, move the carriage to the middle position by hand, and carefully take out all the small ink cartridges. Then hold the two sides of the word cart with both hands, press the small ink cartridges one by one with your thumb, and hear a crisp sound.

  (3). Press the “Ink change button” again, and the universal printer carriage will move back and forth, making a sound of drawing ink, and it will be normal after about 1 to 2 minutes.

2. If the nozzle has been disassembled and washed, but it is not sure whether the nozzle is completely dried before putting it back into the universal printer.

  (1). Take off the nozzle again, clean it again, and dry it completely. If you don’t know how to grasp it, read the maintenance manual carefully or consult the after-sales department.

  Then check whether the two cables on the print head are fully inserted, whether the contacts on the cables are damaged, and whether the surface is dirty.

  If the flat cable is not inserted completely, insert it again carefully;

  If the contacts on the cable are damaged, find a tool to repair or replace the contacts;

  If the contact surface on the cable is dirty, find an eraser to clean it.

  (2). Check the wiring on the chip contact board, the method is the same as above;

  (3). The above methods are ineffective. The chip of the ink cartridge may be burnt due to residual or splashing nozzle cleaning agents. Replace with a new chip;

  (4). There is no effect when the cartridge chip is replaced, only the contact board of the new chip can be replaced;

  (5). If none of the above methods can be solved, please contact the after-sales department of Micolorprint immediately, and describe the situation clearly, including the operation and the phenomenon encountered, so that the Yueda technician can make the correct judgment based on your correct description. We will give you solutions in the shortest period of time, without delaying your production and processing because of our flatbed printers.

  It can be seen that, unless in extremely special circumstances, customers are absolutely not allowed to disassemble and clean the nozzles by themselves. Please pay special attention to it. Good maintenance is the key to good use of universal printers.


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