What should I do if the ink flows from the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer?

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The following is compiled and fed by the Micolorprint Flatbed Printer Technical Department

        The ink cartridges of flatbed printers sometimes have ink flow. Reasonable and correct handling of the failure of the self-flowing ink of the flatbed printer ink cartridge is conducive to our normal use of the printer. Let’s take a look at what to do if the ink cartridge of the flatbed printer has the ink flow:

As the ink cartridges of flatbed printers have the free flow of ink, what faults will it cause?

  1. Small ink dots appear on the paper when the printer is printing.

  2. The print test line of the printer is always broken and the colors are interlocked.

  3. No matter what paper we use for printing, there will always be some ink left along the edge.

  4. Large ink leakage spots often appear on the paper when the printer is printing.

  5. There are always ink stains on the paper feed roller of the flatbed printer.

If we encounter these faults, we can carry out the following operations to troubleshoot:

  First, if the printer’s print cartridge fills too much ink, there is no siphon breakpoint and the ink delivery line is integrated with the print cartridge, which will cause the ink to flow slowly by itself. We can release some ink after disassembling the printer.

  Second, we can raise the external ink cartridge. If the liquid level exceeds the level of the print nozzle by 50 mm, the ink in the ink delivery line will flow freely due to gravity, and the ink will flow out of the print nozzle.

  Third, we can lower the external ink cartridge of the printer, and the backflow of the external ink cartridge is caused by the gravity of the ink in the ink delivery pipeline.


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