What should I do if the head of the UV flatbed printer does not emit ink?

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The print head is the soul of the UV flatbed printer, so be careful during operation and normal maintenance, otherwise, it will easily cause the print head to not eject ink. What should we do if there is no inkjet during operation? First of all, we should know why As a result, the nozzle does not eject ink. After knowing these principles, the careful operation can avoid this type of nozzle not ejecting ink.

1. The negative pressure is not in the working range

Need to adjust the negative pressure value of the UV printer to restore it to the normal range. (In view of the different fluctuations in the added value range of equipment from different manufacturers, it needs to be recorded in advance for later use), you can choose a manual mode or software automatic mode.

2. Ink supply problem

 Check whether the UV ink itself is expired, condensed, and quality problems have occurred, which will cause the uv printer nozzle to not emit ink. If you have these symptoms, you can replace them with a new ones yourself.

3. The ink path and nozzle are blocked

When the ink path and print head are severely clogged, you need to clean them with a special cleaning fluid. It can be judged that the clogging problem has been solved according to the beaded lines ejected from the UV printer nozzle. It is recommended to replace the ink tube with a new one in about 6 months.

4. The software nozzle temperature is missing

Check whether the heating device of the UV printer nozzle is normal. If the device itself does not have this device, an external heater, heating fan, etc. can be installed to ensure that the temperature of the nozzle is within the normal working range.

5. Software nozzle voltage is missing

If the print head is burned out, you need to replace it with a new print head; if the print head board is faulty, you can contact the original UV printer manufacturer and have it send a new print head voltage board to replace it.

6. The head is damaged

Only replace the new UV printer nozzle, remember that the equipment must be grounded, must be an independent power supply, and must be equipped with a voltage stabilizer.

The above six situations are common situations where the nozzle does not emit ink. If you can pay attention to these during the operation process, it is generally not the case that the nozzle does not emit ink. The most important thing is to move the nozzle every day to prevent head clogging…


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