What should I do if the uv printer crashes?

Table Of Contents

1. Interference:

   The sources of interference to UV printers include external interference and internal interference. The main analysis of the interference situation in the aircraft here:

a. Data transmission interference:

Data cables that do not have shielding or poor shielding functions are easily interfered with and cause unstable work. Therefore, data cables with good performance should be used. It is especially pointed out that optical fibers have good resistance to dry winding, but are not suitable for frequent bending movements. environment.

b. Spark interference:

If the printer uses parts that are prone to sparks, it will cause many unexpected failures.

2. Software system:

   The software system is the commanding brain of the UV printer. It can be imagined that there is a problem with the brain, can it function normally? The software problem occurred on the inkjet printer. When a crash occurs, the entire system is in a state of disorder, and the flatbed printer device and software must be restarted. It is normal if this kind of failure occurs very rarely (people make mistakes, let alone machines?), but it often causes problems.

3. Mechanical failure:

a: The movement track of the sprinkler carriage is blocked or lacks power

This situation simply does not appear on new devices and may appear on devices that have been used for a longer time. The inspection method is to remove the motor belt, separate the nozzle trolley from the motor, and then push the trolley down by hand. If the movement is not smooth, you should change the track or the slider. Because the resistance to the trolley is large at this time, it will cause electromechanical malfunction and crashes.

b: Head motor failure

Such failures cause more crashes, and the nozzle motors of inkjet printers are mainly divided into two types: AC and DC. Among them, the AC type has relatively few failures, and it is common for the use of a long time to cause a crash due to wear. There are many failures of the DC type. Not only will it crash due to wear and tear, but it will also show some unexpected failures, which is a headache.


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