What to consider before buying a UV printer?

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Before we make any investment, we must analyze whether our current situation is suitable for entering this industry, what is the current market demand, and how much to invest.?

The same is true before we buy UV printers, and we must also consider whether the investment in flatbed printers is reasonable.

    If you want to use a flatbed printer to start a business, expand your business, or make money quickly, you must first know whether the customers corresponding to the uv flatbed printer are consistent with your customer group positioning. Generally, the customer groups of flatbed printers are mid-to-high-end customers who have higher requirements for pattern colors and special processes. Therefore, if you only make some low-value-added materials or just print ordinary single-color and two-color patterns, you don’t need to use flatbed printers. To print, the cost would be too high.

    Secondly, we must consider whether the business volume is large enough. Because the price of flatbed printers is relatively expensive, only by doing more orders in large quantities, can it be possible to quickly return to the cost and make profits. If you just make some small orders sporadically, you can't make money quickly, and if you add labor and rent expenses, it may cause you to make ends meet.

    If there is no problem with the above, and there is both a mature market and continuous business, then the cost of flatbed printers and peripheral supporting products must be considered. The current domestic flatbed printer price is between USD3880 and USD68800. If you want to buy a printer within USD6880, plus the cost of rent, labor, consumables, accessories and other parts, you need to invest more than USD7800 in the early stage to ensure normal production.

   By summarizing the above, we must have a mature plan before buying a printer. We must not invest recklessly when our heads are hot. We must be rational, otherwise we may lose money and make trouble.

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