Which brand of silicone uv printer is better?

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Recently, many friends who are engaged in the processing of silicone products have consulted us.

Can UV printers print silicone materials?

The answer is: yes. Some customers worry that the color printing of silicone products is easy to fade. In fact, after the continuous improvement of UV technology in recent years, this problem has been completely solved, so it is completely possible to print silicone with UV printers.

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We know that there are many silicone products in daily life, such as silicone mobile phone cases, silicone toys, silicone tableware, silicone tea sets, and various silicone decorations. They are usually printed with various beautiful patterns. The patterned device is a silicone UV printer.

The following briefly introduces the process of silica gel UV printing. Due to the special nature of silica gel, special treatment is required before printing to directly print color. First, it needs to be baked, the temperature is about 200 degrees, about 20-30 minutes; secondly, it needs to be sprayed with a coating, which is mainly used to increase adhesion; finally, it needs to be fixed after printing, so that the printed product can be bent and Does not fade.

Which brand of silicone UV printer is better?

Shenzhen Micolorprint has been engaged in the UV printing industry for more than 8 years, has a wealth of industry experience and advanced UV printing technology, and enjoys a certain reputation in the industry. Buy a silicone UV printer and choose Micolorprint.


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