Which one is better for the box UV printer?

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With the improvement of consumers’ living standards, the requirements for quality are becoming more and more stringent. Exquisite packaging, novel, and stylish products can always be favored by the market. Nowadays, the supply of products in many industries exceeds demand. The buyer’s market is dominant and there are many choices. The details determine success or failure. Many merchants are wondering why there are various exquisite patterns on the packaging boxes of their opponents, and their products have no special features. That is because they did not choose the right UV printer.

    The current UV printer technology is very mature, and many industries are using it. UV printers can print and dry without making a plate at one time. This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces printing costs. UV printers have gradually replaced traditional printers. However, because of the different sizes of the packaging boxes, not all UV printers can print, so it is very important to choose the right printer.

    In response to these problems, Micolorprint specifically designed a packaging box printer that can print packaging boxes of various materials and sizes. The model is MC-6090 UV flatbed printer. This machine is heightened on the original basis and can be increased to 2000mm, coupled with the assembled Ricoh industrial-grade EPSON print head, it is excellent in speed and accuracy. There are very few machines with the same configuration on the market at present, and our machine has been used by many customers. The currently sold machines are stable and perform good.

   This machine can print on a variety of materials. The common ones are wine boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, and various customized gift boxes. As long as they are flat or flat materials, they can print. I want to learn more about this packaging box printer. Please consult the website customer service staff, who will provide you with professional answers, welcome to visit Micolorprint official website.

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