Why are glass printers so popular?

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In daily life, we inevitably use glass as home decorations, and the beauty of glass is the primary factor that affects our choice. Therefore, many glass manufacturers work hard on the appearance of the glass. They use a device called a uv printer when making glass, which prints beautiful patterns on the glass. The price of the glass immediately increases several times.


In addition to being beautiful, printing patterns on glass has many advantages, such as:

1. Reduce the fragility of glass.

We know that ordinary glass is easy to break, and the glass is printed with patterns (wired glass, the same as below), even if there is still a metal wire net in action, it increases the anti-fall performance and brings people a sense of psychological security.

2. Increase fire resistance performance.

As mentioned above, even if the wire glass is broken, it can withstand the fragments and is difficult to collapse and break. Therefore, when the flame is pierced, it can block the intrusion of the flame and the fire powder, which has the effect of preventing the spread from the opening.

3. Enhance security.

Wired glass is not fragile. Compared with ordinary glass, it can prevent fragments from flying. It is also difficult for the fragments to fly when encountering some violent impacts, so it is safer.

Now you know why glass printers are so popular, right? If you are interested in our glass printers, welcome to our company for inspection, and you can make samples for free.


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