Why are there no manufacturers to produce desktop uv printers?

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Recently, many people have inquired about the information about desktop UV printers. Here, I will tell you that there is no such thing on the market. There are two main reasons for this situation:

1. The uv printer itself is an industrial equipment used for production

Even the modified A4 format on the market costs more than a thousand dollars. It is mainly determined by the rigid cost of its heads and LED lights, which cannot be reduced to a few hundred dollars apiece like a home printer, and is popularized by the majority of users.

2. Subject to the level of technicians

Even civilian uv printers or large-scale industrial uv printers will have various problems in daily production, and the technical level required to operate such equipment is too high to be popularized. At present, there is no manufacturer who has the technical level to produce this kind of machine with low prices and stable performance.

At present, there are mobile phone photo printers on the market, which are placed in supermarkets, large shopping malls, and night markets. The price is about 500 US dollars. That kind is not a UV printer, but a modified printer, which can be connected to a laptop. , There are such machines for sale online.

The desktops printed by uv printers are generally blow molding desktops, glass desktops, wooden desktops, plastic desktops, and acrylic desktops. DIY custom patterns on them according to the needs of users. After printing, they are used as finished products for furniture decoration, dining halls, hotels, etc. Place finished product printing renderings:


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