Why can’t UV flatbed printers eject ink?

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UV flatbed printers are favored by more and more industries because of their wide application range. Although the function of the UV printer is very powerful, it is not perfect. If you operate it incorrectly, it will occasionally lose its temper, and there will be such and other glitches, making you unable to start. We all know that the most important part of a flatbed printer is the nozzle part, which is a high-precision part. If it is used improperly, the flatbed printer will not produce ink. What is the cause? Why is it blocked when I use it well? Here, the Micolorprint printer will give you an analysis of several reasons why the ink can not be ejected.

    Ink accumulation and clogging the head: This is the most common way of clogging.

The ink used in flatbed UV printers is a volatile liquid, which is easy to volatilize in the air and clear out solids. The solvent in the ink evaporates into the air to make the screen dry. When the head is spraying on the fabric, there will always be a part of the ink left around. This part of the ink will gradually become smaller and even block the head when the ink is dried in the air. When the ink accumulates on the head of the tile printer to a certain extent Then plug the spray hole outside. But because it is on the outside of the head hole, it is easy to clean up, which is why we often wash the head.

   The piezoelectric crystal is damaged: After the piezoelectric crystal is damaged, the head cannot eject ink, which requires replacement of the piezoelectric crystal.

Under normal circumstances, the service life of piezoelectric nozzles is about one year. However, it is normal for piezoelectric crystals to be used for less than one year due to the large workload and wide area of ​​inkjet printing in factories, advertising, or building materials industries.

    Ink viscosity: If the ink viscosity is too high or too low, the head will be blocked.

If the viscosity of the ink is too high, the fluidity of the ink will become poor, and the amount of ink ejected from the head per unit time is not enough; if the viscosity of the ink is too low, that is, the ink is too thin, the piezoelectric crystals in the head It is easy to inhale air when it is drawn back, and then cannot absorb ink, so that the nozzle ejects air instead of ink; both of these reasons will cause the nozzle to not eject ink. Therefore, customers are required to pay attention to the ink storage environment, which is very important. In addition, the ink should be placed in the environment where the ink is to be used for more than 24 hours before use, because the viscosity of the ink will become very high at low temperature, and the viscosity will become very low at high temperature. There is a big difference in viscosity. Once inks with a large difference in viscosity are mixed together, the ink will not be ejected.


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