Why can’t UV flatbed printers print mirrors?

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Quite a few people know that UV printers are called flatbed printers because they have a wide range of applications and can print on various materials. So the question is, can the mirror print? In this regard, Micolorprint can tell everyone that mirrors cannot be printed! Then the question comes again, why can glass be printed, but mirrors can’t? Let Micolorprint tell you slowly!

Why can’t the flatbed printer print mirror-like materials?

The main reason is the nozzle. Users who use UV flatbed printers know that the printer uses UV ink, which solidifies when exposed to light. This is also the biggest feature of its printer. The UV lamp irradiates the ink while printing. This is why the UV printer can dry immediately. Use up is the reason for the finished product. As we all know, objects with smooth surfaces tend to form specular reflections of light. The imaging principle of the mirror we use is light reflection. If the printing material is a mirror-like material, the reflection will occur during the printing process. The UV lamp irradiates the mirror and the reflected light just hits the nozzle. It will cause a blockage of the head and then damage the nozzle, so we must pay attention to this when using it.

Then there are friends who are more familiar with the functions of flat-panel UV printers. Why can the same crystal material with a smooth surface be printed? 

That’s because the crystal material is refracted when the UV lamp is irradiated during the printing process, so there will be a small part of the light on the print head, which will not have much impact, so the crystal material can be printed. . Therefore, Micolorprint is here to remind everyone that taking into account the reflection of light, try to choose a darker color when choosing the glass platform to be printed. In that case, the reflection will be relatively small, which can reduce the reflection caused by the reflection. The danger brought by it can also increase the service life of the print head so that customers can be more at ease in using the flatbed printer.


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