Why choose manufacturer-specified ink when buying a UV printer?

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Buy a UV printer from the manufacturer, all the components are installed, which means the machine can be put into production. The biggest consumable for UV printing equipment is undoubtedly ink. Different printing materials use different inks. There are many inks on the market. Manufacturers are flooded with these various brands. Each manufacturer’s ink specifications and materials are different, and the quality is also uneven. Most UV printer manufacturers recommend that buyers use designated inks. Why?

The problem of the print head is often related to the ink

The print head is a very important part of the UV printer. The print heads on the market are all imported. If they are damaged, there is no way to repair them. This is also the reason why the print head is not covered by the warranty. In daily use, the problem of the print head is often related to the ink, and the ink concentration of the material used affects the printing speed and effect, and the ink quality affects the life of the nozzle.

The specified inks have been tested repeatedly, and the inks and nozzles have good compatibility

If there is a problem with the print head, the brand reputation of the manufacturer will be affected, so the manufacturer attaches great importance to the ink. The specified ink has been repeatedly tested. The ink and the print head have good compatibility, and the customer who has purchased the machine has long-term use certification. Reliability of ink.

        Providing a wealth of consumables and equipment also reflects the strength of a UV printer manufacturer. Having a complete service system to provide a good buying experience is a must-have for a responsible manufacturer. Micolorprint is also doing its best to produce high-quality products and provide professional Service, so after buying a UV printer, you still have to choose the original ink specified by the manufacturer, which not only saves the cost of selection but also reduces the probability of print head problems. After-sales service can also be guaranteed.


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