Why do textile printers need white ink circulation?

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Why do we need white ink circulation?

Because there is a kind of titanium dioxide substance in the white ink, this substance has the same composition as the modification fluid sold in the stationery store, which acts as a cover. But it is easy to plug, so there is usually a steel ball in the modification fluid. Shake it before use.

Micolorprint solution:

Automatically circulate white ink, which can avoid precipitation and reduce print head clogging to save ink, protect your print head, and double the life of the print head

What is the difference between ordinary white ink circulation and Micolorprint:

A. Ordinary white ink circulation is essentially just agitating in the ink bottle. The ink tube and the ink sac are static, and it is difficult to prevent ink precipitation. (The following picture shows)

B. Only the white ink circulation of Micolorprint is a continuous process, from the ink bottle, the ink tube, the ink bag, the ink pump, and the ink bottle, which is a complete cycle.


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