Why do UV printers need to adjust the ICC curve?

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Friends who do printing know that there is a very important concept called “ICC curve”. If this curve is not done well, the color will have a relatively large deviation, which will affect the quality of the product.

What is the ICC curve?
   In layman’s terms, the ICC curve is the ratio of ink output when a printer uses a certain ink to print on a certain material. We know that printing and printing use the CMYK four-color mode, and several inks are printed in the same area. Due to the different proportions, different colors are displayed, and the pattern we want is finally obtained.
   However, there are many kinds of inks, each of which is different from the theoretical value. In addition, the absorption of different printing materials is different, and the final displayed color is different from the picture. What to do? Manually make an ICC curve for the printout to solve it.
  Usually, before the UV printer is shipped, the manufacturer will formulate a specific plan for the customer’s processing situation, integrating the characteristics of the machine, the processing technology, the processed materials, and the ink used to optimize the performance of the machine. Unless there is a major change in the processing project, there is generally no need to redo the curve. The user needs to pay attention to the configuration specified by the manufacturer and not change the ink at will. The above problems can be avoided.


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