Why do you think rationally about big manufacturers of printers?

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1. Is a big printer manufacturer sure to be good or suitable?

This is a misunderstanding of our consistent thinking. When we don’t understand an industry, we subconsciously think that big manufacturers are better and more suitable. In this case, generally speaking, there is no problem, but it depends on the industry. Mature industries have a higher accuracy rate. If it is an immature industry, the accuracy rate is very low.

2. What is a major manufacturer of printers?

How to identify it accurately is very important. Big manufacturers are not agents all over the country, tens of thousands of customers, etc., as the salesman brags. These are basically false, and you must learn to distinguish:

(1). Check the manufacturer’s business license, the above-registered capital, and business type, which can also be clearly displayed. I believe that a manufacturer with a registered capital of 20 million is definitely much better than one with 500,000.

(2). Looking at the price of the equipment, you get what you pay for. A manufacturer with more than one million machines must have a higher technical level than a manufacturer with only more than 100,000 machines. Otherwise, it would be impossible to sell so expensively.

(3). Looking at the soft and hard strength of the manufacturer, the real situation of the company, and the quality of personnel seen at the manufacturer’s site all reflect the real situation of the company.

3. Understand the real situation of the printer industry

The entire printer industry has been developing in the world for more than ten years, and the corresponding industry norms and standards are immature, even for large manufacturers. At this stage, it is shown that large manufacturers are more reliable and more standardized than small manufacturers. But don’t expect to be like the traditional industry, whether it is the quality of equipment or after-sales service, it is very complete and sound.

4. The disadvantages of large printers

“Big shop bullies and small shop customers bully” applies to all industries. In the actual operation process, if you choose a large manufacturer, especially some small customers and self-employed. It is necessary to bear the long cycle of after-sales service and high charges. Because the first thing a big company needs to ensure is its own big customers, and when the big customers are busy, they will arrange for other small customers in turn.

5. Large  printer manufacturers may not be suitable

Some printer manufacturers do well in the advertising industry, some printer manufacturers do well in the leather industry, and some printer manufacturers do well in the building materials industry. If the user is in the leather industry and chooses a good manufacturer in the advertising industry, the machines he buys may not necessarily have good equipment from a small manufacturer specializing in the leather industry.

Rationally looking at the big manufacturers of printers, the big manufacturers are just a symbol, a standard for purchasing equipment, not everything. Choose the equipment that suits your own needs, and make it as affordable as possible within the budget. This is what users really want.


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