Why does flying ink appear in UV flatbed printers?

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As long as we pay attention to maintenance and follow the correct operation steps for flatbed printers in the projects that are usually used, there will generally be no failures. However, as it is used for a long time, some problems will also occur. Users who use flatbed printers may encounter such a situation, that is, the phenomenon of ink flying in the flatbed printer at work, resulting in blurred printed images. What is causing this? Today, Micolorprint will tell you two situations that may cause flying ink for your reference.

   The ink flying phenomenon of the flatbed printer is most likely because the printing height is set too high. 

The nozzle is too high from the plane of the printing material, and the ejected ink will fly in the air under various external factors. So this requires us to consider when setting the printer height, the most suitable printing height should be controlled at about 2-4mm from the material plane.

  The ink flying phenomenon of the UV flatbed printer may also be caused by an error in the printing curve used. 

If this kind of error occurs, it is not easy to solve it. It is necessary to find the professional technicians of the flatbed printer manufacturer to do the detection of the printer curve file, and then set the correct printing options. In this case, we must find a professional person to do it. If we go by ourselves, there may be follow-up problems, and there may be a delay in time.

        Based on our summary of the above two situations, you will not be in a hurry if you encounter the phenomenon of ink flying in the flat UV printer at work in the future. Of course, there must be other reasons leading to the emergence of Feimo. Let’s summarize the two most common pieces of knowledge here. The others need to be discovered and summarized in our future work.


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