Why does the 6090 UV printer print patterns and find that the printed ink is not dry?

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User questions:

This morning, I found that the 6090 UV printer printed the pattern and found that the printed ink was not dry, and I was so annoying. What should I do? Micolorprint technicians come and help me.

Micolorprint technician answers:


1. Whether the UV lamp is not turned on: whether the water tank is working;

2. There is a light on when starting to print, but it suddenly does not light up during the printing process, and there is a problem with the line. If the line is normal, the water tank does not supply water because the weather is too cold;

3. The filter inside the water tank is blocked.


1. Turn on the UV or the water tank;

2. Replace the circuit, or add antifreeze to the water tank;

3. Drain all the water in the water tank, then remove the filter for cleaning, clean the inside of the water tank, and install it.

Through the above methods, you can solve the problem that the printed pattern of the UV printer is not dry.


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