Why is it economical to install a UV drying system on a flatbed printer?

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Let’s start with the difference between flatbed printers and UV printers.

The main reason is that its printing materials are widely used and used in a variety of ways; however, it also has the following disadvantages. The materials to be processed by the flatbed printer must be sprayed with pre-printing liquid (coating) to enhance the adhesion of the ink, while the UV printer can be used for most materials. Direct color printing omits the process of spraying pre-printing liquid, which simplifies the process and improves production efficiency!

Second, flatbed printers are rogue when printing dark materials.

For example, if a color pattern is printed on a black plate, if there is no white ink, the flatbed printer basically cannot produce satisfactory finished products, while the UV printer has mature white ink, which can achieve better results; in terms of accuracy, UV printers also It is far less high than the flatbed printer. The products printed by the flatbed printer are delicate and full of color, while the UV printer is slightly rough!

Finally, flatbed printers use weak solvent inks, which take a while to dry after printing, and during which time the printed surface cannot be touched.

Flatbed printers use weak solvent ink. After printing, it takes a period of time to dry. During this time, the printing surface cannot be touched. Some materials can also be dried in an oven or to speed up drying, while UV printers use UV ink. , When printing, the ultraviolet lamp next to the print head can immediately react with the ink, making it dry immediately and achieving higher efficiency. There are also some UV printers, which can achieve a bumpy feeling through the multi-layered UV ink, and have a feel to the touch.

However, the high price of UV printers leaves many users unreachable, and the high maintenance costs are not your best choice. Shenzhen Micolorprint has explored and launched the installation of UV lamps on the machine, changing the previous eco-solvent ink to UV The ink can be achieved at a reasonable price to meet the needs of different customers. It can also achieve quick-drying, white output, and other effects within the guarantee of its accuracy and reasonable market price. Micolorprint always insists on customer satisfaction and makes us our unremitting pursuit!


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