Why is the application of UV flatbed printers on storage bags gradually maturing?

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The storage bags here are not only storage bags for small items but also include express packaging storage bags, stationery, toys, and other materials… At the beginning, the UV printing process was immature on these materials and was not widely used. rise, mainly for two reasons:

1. Pattern adhesion

Most UV inks on the market lack adhesion, flexibility, and stretchability on express bags, and are prone to fading and falling off. Although the actual service life of these bags is only about 2 months, they will be replaced and do not need to be stored for a long time. However, due to the high frequency of use of the bag itself and the high intensity of external friction, the pattern color shedding cycle is too short. Finally, after testing more than a dozen UV inks, I selected the suitable one.

2. External environment

In recent years, with the promotion of green environmental protection, many highly polluting printing and dyeing methods such as screen printing, solvent-based, and transfer printing have been eliminated. Printing companies also need new processes to help them upgrade and transform themselves. This has also boosted the use of UV printing technology in the industry. Applications in the field of storage bags.

Storage bag UV printed finished product:

storage bags
storage bags
storage bags
storage bags
storage bags
storage bags

At present, there are several mature materials for UV printing storage bags:

1. PET material;

2. Cotton and linen material;

3. Non-woven material.

These material properties:

1. Small, flexible, and highly compressible, saving space;

2. Achieve the functions of dust-proof, mildew-proof, moisture-proof and insect-proof.

On the whole, the storage bag itself is a consumable product, with great market potential and a relatively short replacement cycle. Currently, there is a huge demand in supermarkets, express delivery companies, customized packaging gift bags, and other industries. Friends who have UV printers may wish to change their minds and look at these industries.


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