Why is the computer response very slow when printing with a high-speed bottle cylinder UV printer?

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1. Whether the system is poisoned, whether the boot memory exceeds a lot, and other software has used up resources;

2. In the print tab of the setting options, the priority setting is high or set to real-time;

3. Large image rotation printing;

4. Multiple large images are reduced and printed in parallel.


1. Repair the system or switch to another normal machine to print.

2. Make them both standard.

3. Do it in PhotoShop and then print it.

4. The image can be printed according to the standard inkjet enlargement size (generally enlarge the original image by 3-6 times).

Recommendation: The recommended computer configuration for the high-speed bottle cylinder UV printer, quad-core CPU, 4G or more memory, 1G discrete graphics card, 128G or 256G solid-state hard drive.


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