Why is the market for uv flatbed printers sold on the Internet so chaotic?

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Many users who want to buy UV flatbed printers find that there are various sayings about flatbed printers on the Internet when they learn about relevant information on the Internet, and feel that every flatbed printer manufacturer is unreliable.

So why is the online uv printer market so chaotic?

At present, the flatbed printer in the market is a new technology. It has not been widely promoted in China, and the appearance is similar, and the functions are basically the same. Therefore, the reasons for the confusion in the online market of flatbed printers are as follows:

1. UV machine printer is a new technology with broad market prospects.

Because UV printers are a new technology and have broad market prospects, there are many people who do them. Many manufacturers blindly follow the trend, and start companies without reaching the technical level, which is completely a small workshop.

2. There are too many manufacturers of uv flatbed printers, and the competition among them is fierce.

Some manufacturers maliciously attack other flatbed printer manufacturers in order to sell more machines; some manufacturers use inferior accessories in order to lower the price of the machine, resulting in unstable machine quality and prone to problems.

3. The technology and materials are not in place.

Due to insufficient technology and materials, UV flatbed printers are prone to problems, and some manufacturers have no after-sales service at all, or the technical level is not enough to solve it, and the after-sales service is not in place.

4. Customers who buy it back do not use it often, and customers who use uv printers will not tell others that uv printers can make money.

There may also be another reason, that is, after the customer buys it back, it is idle for a long time or used intermittently, and the failure occurs when it is used again, causing the user to complain. And users who make money using flatbed printers will not tell outsiders that one more competitor is not good for them.

So how do we choose a flatbed printer manufacturer?

Since the above reasons have caused confusion in the online market of uv printers, how should we choose a flatbed printer manufacturer? At present, there are many UV printer manufacturers and merchants on the market, so we should pay attention to the following 3 points when purchasing:

First, understand the development history of the flatbed printer manufacturer and see if there is a good technical foundation and strength.

Second, before purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the flatbed printer manufacturer has complete after-sales service. After all, UV flatbed printers are not a matter of hundreds of dollars.

Third, of course, it is the price of the uv printer. It depends on whether the price set by the manufacturer is reasonable and moderate, and more comparisons are required.


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