Why is the UV flatbed printer most likely to damage the print head when it is idle for a long time?

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During the use of Micolorprint uv flatbed printers, many customers leave the printers idle due to vacations or no orders. When I came back from the holiday or had an order, I remembered to turn it on. It turned out that the printer was lacking in color, and clicking “print head cleaning” on the computer would not help.

Why is the UV flatbed printer most likely to damage the print head if it is idle for a long time?

It should be noted here that the ink used by Micolorprint printers is different from that of ordinary printers. Our printing material is no longer paper, but a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, crystal, wood, and metal. Ordinary ink cannot be adsorbed. Only the use of corrosive ECO ink can solve this problem. Ordinary printers can be idle for a long time, and the nozzles will not be blocked. However, because ECO ink is corrosive, if the UV flatbed printer is idle for a long time, it will not only cause the nozzle blockage, but if the time is longer than 3 months, it will also cause the cleaning unit to be blocked, and the ink path system will dry and solidify.

At this time, in addition to replacing the continuous supply system with a new one, clean the unit. It is also necessary to manually clean the nozzle, but not only does it take a lot of time, but also the cleaning process must be careful, otherwise the motherboard will burn when it is turned on. In serious cases, the mainboard, power supply board, nozzle, and chip contact board are all burned down due to minor mistakes. Therefore, before cleaning, you must contact the after-sales department of the manufacturer to confirm the precautions for each step, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Although the print head of the flatbed printer can continue to be used normally after cleaning, it greatly affects the service life of the print head. Sometimes, if the idle time is too long, the nozzle can not wash some colors. Then just replace the nozzle with a new one.

How to solve the problem that the UV flatbed printer is easy to damages the nozzle when it is idle for a long time?

When the uv flatbed printer is idle for a long time, it will be turned on once every three days.

Therefore, it is very important to turn on the machine once every three days. During the power-on self-checking process, the flatbed printer will automatically pump ink, complete the ink circuit circulation, and effectively discharge the blocked waste ink, so that the entire ink circuit system is in good working condition. After starting the machine, do a “nozzle check” to make sure that the nozzle is not blocked; then just print 2~3 color pictures and turn off the machine.

When the uv flatbed printer is idle for a long time, the nozzle is removed from the uv printer, washed thoroughly, and placed in a sealed bag.

If you can’t start the machine every three days, you can remove the nozzle from the UV printer, wash it thoroughly, and put it in a sealed bag. When it’s time to use it, put the nozzle back on. But be sure to dry it with a hairdryer to ensure that there is no residual liquid around the nozzle.

Therefore, good maintenance is the key to using the flatbed printer well.


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