Why use coating when printing on UV flatbed printers?

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UV flatbed printers are very versatile and are favored by more and more people. Although UV printers can directly print patterns on many materials, not all materials can be printed. We know that if the ink is directly printed on objects with very smooth surfaces such as glass or metal, the ink will spread out and will not form. Some materials with very smooth surfaces require a layer of coating on the surface to achieve flatbed printing.

What is the coating?

UV printer coating is a solid continuous film obtained by spraying at one time. The function of the coating is to absorb ink and image and increase adhesion. The coating is specially used to wipe the liquid on the surface of the substrate. By slightly corroding the surface of the material, the smoothness and density of the surface are reduced, thereby improving the adhesion of the ink, so that the pattern can be attached to the surface of the substrate for a long time. Avoid problems such as falling off and color fading.

Why use coating?

        The imaging method of the UV printer is inkjet printing. In order to make the image perfectly embodied on the printed object, the ink must be fully absorbed on the surface of the medium and cannot overflow and accumulate. However, due to the diversity of the material of the printing medium, not every material can directly absorb the printing ink. In order to make the ink suitable for any material and better express, the effect of the printed image, the printing surface of the medium must be processed before the printing of the medium. Coating to achieve the characteristics of flatbed printers. The coating is a specially developed volatile liquid with extremely high transparency and extremely thin thickness. It can be applied to the surface of various materials without damaging or changing the properties of the medium. The ink is printed on the coating surface of the medium. Can perform perfect image effects well.

        Before coating the printing material, the surface of the material must be treated to ensure a clean working environment. The general environment cannot meet the requirements of dust-free, so we can spray some water in the environment in advance to reduce the dust in the air as much as possible; use a professional dust cloth to wipe. After this process, I believe that the surface of the object can be cleaned when the coating is applied.

At the same time, what should I pay attention to when using the coating?

        When using the coating, be sure to avoid pressing the nozzle too deep during the spraying operation, so as to avoid a large amount of liquid spraying and causing uneven spraying; do not touch it before the coating is completely dry, and try to make the surface of the dried coating as much as possible Less contact to avoid affecting the printing effect; before any coating operation, you must completely remove the oil, water and dust on the printed material that needs to be coated, and keep it dry and clean; all kinds of coating operations are easy to master, and a little Just practice, and master various coating methods and the matching of coatings with various materials while practicing; it takes about 4-8 minutes for the coating to dry in a natural environment (the material is different, the time is slightly different), using hot air The cylinder can quickly dry for about 1 minute, but the hot air cylinder must be operated at a distance of 30cm from the surface of the coated medium to avoid unevenness of the coating by strong wind when it is in liquid state, which will affect the use effect; the coating itself is a chemical substance , It is harmful to the human body. In daily use, you must wear gloves and wear eyes to avoid harm to the skin; when the coating is usually stored, it should be placed in a cool, ventilated, and backlit place in the warehouse. Do not place it too high, nor place other items on it. ps: When buying a hot air cylinder (hair dryer) for drying, it is better to choose a low wind speed and low noise. A household oven can also be used as a drying device.

        The coatings used in daily production include glass coating, metal coating, ceramic tile, and other coatings. Because UV printer coating is for material and ink, one material corresponds to one coating, and at the same time, the performance of ink must be considered. Therefore, the deployment of flatbed printer coating involves very complex chemical expertise, which is also a test company. Factors of whether the technology is strong. When buying a flatbed printer coating, you must pay attention to the specificity of the coating. A material can usually only be matched with one type of coating. It cannot be matched at will. This will only cause the ink adhesion to decrease, and serious ink will dissolve into the coating…


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