Will UV dtf film replace traditional stickers?

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Everyone is very familiar with this kind of self-adhesive product, and you have more contact with it in daily life, and you can see it on many products. Recently, a new hot spot UV dtf film appeared in the industry, which is highly similar to self-adhesive, convenient, and quick transfer method and high aesthetics have attracted a wide range of onlookers inside and outside the industry. Many groups who do not understand the difference between the two have begun to appear uv dtf Film will gradually replace the notion of self-adhesive in the future.

But strictly speaking, UV dtf film is actually a kind of self-adhesive, but its performance is more excellent than ordinary paper self-adhesive. It can make more beautiful and dazzling visual effects and can be applied. The number of scenarios has also increased, and an important attribute that increases the value of the product has been added.

The appearance of UV dtf film is crystal clear, with a strong three-dimensional effect and high gloss. Pasting it can effectively enhance the intrinsic value of the product. It can be widely used for label display of wines, cosmetics, and other products. The crystal label is printed by UV, which has excellent physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, sun resistance, and oxidation resistance, which is better than traditional stickers such as waterproof paper, art paper and aluminized paper. Label material.
Therefore, it is not accurate to replace it, but the future development market of UV dtf film is very large. It can be applied where the self-adhesive can be applied, and it can also be applied where the self-adhesive can not be applied. It depends mainly on consumers. Your own choice.

Under this development opportunity, many manufacturers in the advertising printing industry have taken the lead in launching UV dtf film printers. As the industry’s innovation, Micolorprint has also launched a more stable UV dtf film printer MC-H2C, which is used for the whole machine. Solid materials, and well-known brand spare parts in the industry, provide a strong guarantee for the stable operation of printing, using high-quality glue, long-term use will not clog the nozzles, and there is no need to clean the nozzles frequently during the printing process, and it can be turned on even after a long time of standby Play immediately, save worry, effort and cost.

The uv dtf film printer launched by Micolorprint realizes a printing start and also meets the requirements of mass production. There is no limit on the order size, and it is the first choice for personalized customization. The process is very simple, using UV digital printing, the process is more stable, and can achieve a 3D stereo effect, better appearance.
The process is simple, no plate making, no waste discharge, one printing, the printed uv dtf film has bright color, good gloss, and can produce 3D effects on-demand, convenient transfer, energy saving, environmental protection, and beautiful.
Micolorprint has a deep insight into customer needs and truly helps customers effectively solve their pain points. Micolorprint uv dtf film printer uses UV digital printing, simple process, no plate making, no waste discharge, good gloss, friction resistance (3-5H), high and low-temperature resistance, (low temperature can exceed zero, high temperature 100 degrees does not change color, no cracking) Ultraviolet light can make 3D effects and can be applied to various special-shaped products: all kinds of shoes and hats, clothing accessories, luggage, glass art, tea packaging box labels, handicrafts, wood, plastics, sports equipment, helmets, and other products Decorative transfer decals. The fun and easy-to-use uv dtf film application program, all in Micolorprint!


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