3 fatal shortcomings of high-speed cylindrical bottle printers

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Talking about the fatal shortcomings of high-speed cylindrical bottle printers, many initial users or consumers who don’t understand this industry at all want to know about it (especially since this is a completely unfamiliar field, which is different from fast-moving consumer goods in daily life). Investments range from as little as more than 10,000 US dollars to as high as tens of thousands of US dollars, if you do not have a clear understanding of the risks and shortcomings in advance, it is easy to throw money in your hands and waste money in vain.

Then, the fatal shortcomings of high-speed cylindrical bottle printers that are easy to be understood by users generally have three aspects, but strictly speaking, they are too one-sided.

1. The maintenance of the head is troublesome and easily damaged

This is a reality, especially in the low-end civil head series, the cheaper the head, the higher the failure rate and the shorter the service life. This law is also applicable to other products, not just high-speed cylinders. body bottle printer head. Moreover, this problem cannot be solved in a short period of time. The heads used in the domestic high-speed cylindrical bottle printer industry are all imported, and there is no way to intervene in the core areas of technology and design.

On the other hand, most users buy civilian sprinklers that cost less than US$1,000, and some even sell sprinklers that cost less than US$1,000 or less. This price also requires the sprinklers to have a long life and low failure rate, which is difficult for some…

2. Slow speed and low efficiency

This is determined by the printing principle of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer, which uses the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing, mainly for short-run digital printing. Compared with traditional screen printing, offset printing, and other processes, the speed is indeed a little slower. But what needs to be understood is that the advantage of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer is that DIY can customize all kinds of 3D embossed three-dimensional pattern printing.

3. High component failure rate

Compared with household printers or copiers, the failure rate and replacement of parts are relatively high. Especially higher on equipment around $10,000. The configuration performance of equipment in this range has already accounted for a large share of the total cost of the equipment. In addition, various manufacturers are fighting hard at this stage, and the price is very low. In order to ensure a certain profit, it is necessary to invest in other related parts. Lower the standard and lower the cost, so that the cost can be properly reduced.

Generally speaking, whether you are buying a high-speed cylindrical bottle printer or other products, the price can tell everything. Cheap products must have many shortcomings. On the contrary, if the price is high, those shortcomings that existed before can be eliminated or reduced. a lot of.


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