A brief introduction to Japan’s Panasonic water-based inkjet printheads

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UH-HD420 print head

Panasonic water-based inkjet print head of Japan’s Panasonic, used in label printers, UH-HD420, 800heads, 600dpi, 30KHZ, printing width 33.8mm. The ink droplet size is 3, 9, 11, 13, 15PL, and the size of the head is 130*15*80cm. This head is only suitable for water-based ink.

UH-HA800 series head

UH-HA800 series, 360dpi, printing width 56.3mm, maximum ignition frequency 100KHZ, ink droplet size 3PL-30PL, designed for printing on a wide range of surfaces, including uneven surfaces of fabrics and building materials, on printed fabrics And building materials, whose surface is not flat, there is a need to have a printing gap between the inkjet print head and the printing surface, which always leads to deterioration of image quality.

The development and commercialization were successful with improved inkjet straightness (accuracy of dot position), allowing high-quality printing and even increasing the print gap, as well as significantly reducing the risk of contact between the inkjet head and the printing surface. Compatible with a wide variety of inks, including water-based, UV, solvent, and resin inks, as well as a heater-added high-viscosity ink, allowing a wider range of applications on different surfaces.


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