Assembly line UV printer 600mm width carton package 0-15 mm thickness kraft paper bag direct printer corrugated Box printer

MC-650 fully automatic Assembly Line UV printer replaces the traditional UV printer, replaces the screen printing offset press, replaces the traditional printing press.

Assembly line UV printer 600mm width carton package 0-15 mm thickness kraft paper bag direct printer corrugated Box printer

One-pass printers can also be called high-speed UV flatbed printers. Different from the scanning printing method of traditional printers, the head of the printer does not move, and a conveyor belt underneath transmits the product to be printed. When the object passes the sensing device in front of the head, it starts to spray ink and prints the ink to the specified position of the product. In fact, the method of speeding up is the same as that of traditional scanning printing, which is to increase the number of heads to achieve the speed of the assembly line. Generally, ONE PASS machines range from 1 to 20 heads, depending on how large your spray width is. Moreover, because it cannot be moved, the products it can print are also limited. For example, it cannot print at high points, and a large spray width requires too many heads, and the cost performance is not high. Onepass machines are only suitable for factories with high production and single products, such as lunch boxes, engravings, rulers, pens, lighters, cards, and other cheap and large-volume products that require customized patterns. Thus, the multi-pass UV printer was born, which integrates the advantages of traditional scanning printers and one pass. The printing speed depends on the number of print heads (up to 8 print heads can be equipped). Since the print heads are movable, there is no limitation on the printing format. 1-2 print heads can also print products of different formats. Multi-pass printer is cost-effective and is a potential product in the future.

 Head configuration Adopting the latest EPSON i3200U nozzle and ink drop variable technology, the maximum ink drop is 32pl, and the minimum can reach 7pl
Number of head 1-4 head (optional 4-8 head)
Print Color High precision intelligent four color white ink W+C, M, Y, K, four color ink (optional)
Print height 15mm (custom height available)
Lifting function Intelligent front lift
Platform load-bearing Non destructive accuracy Weight 100KG
Printing accuracy   2880dpi*1440dpi*720dpi*360dpi
cleaning method Imported negative pressure system facilitates ink extraction and prevents nozzle blockage
ink system 1000ml × Four colors/1000ML × 8-color, uninterrupted intelligent circulating continuous supply system
Print speed(video one samples machine is 2 head, used 4 head tp print , the speed will be double) W+C, M, Y, K, four colors+white 4 × C. M, Y, K (4 nozzles printing color simultaneously)
    180×180dpi/  280square meters/H -520square meters/H
180×360dpi/  280square meters/H -520square meters/H     
                                              360*360dpi/  280square meters/H -520square meters/H     
360*720dpi/  280square meters/H -520square meters/H     
720*720dpi/  280square meters/H -520square meters/H     
720*1440dpi/ 280square meters/H -520square meters/H     
Electricity requirements   AC220/110±10,50HZ~60HZ,P 100W
Interface method High speed USB transmission interface
operating platform   MicrosoftWindows98/Me /2000 /XP/Win7/win10
Software output Netherlands Color management software
work environment Optimal temperature: 15 ℃ -35 ℃, relative humidity 20% -80%

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