A brief introduction to the guide rail of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer

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The guide rail is the guiding and supporting part for the linear motion of the X-axis and Y-axis direction of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer. The high-quality guide rail provides the machine with high-quality motion stability.

This guide rail is designed in all steel and adopts a loop design to reduce the collision of the steel balls of the slider. Double guide rails are used to make the trolley more stable and improve precision during movement. At the same time, the error in the middle will be strictly controlled during the installation process, and the balance between the two guide rails will be controlled within 10 wires, so that the trolley has better stability and lower noise during movement.


The guide rail itself is also one of the important parts of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer. After all, the weight of the trolley, headboard, LED light, electrostatic bar and other components are all pressed on the guide rail. The quality of the guide rail directly affects the quality of printing. Poor quality guide rails, after the equipment has been running for a period of time, there will be problems such as unevenness and serious wear and tear, resulting in inconsistent printing patterns, high noise of the machine and other faults.

Under normal circumstances, industrial high-speed bottle tumbler printers have higher requirements for guide rails due to their high printing speed and high round-trip distance and frequency of trolleys. Generally, double guide rails or a single 5 cm (or wider) guide rail can meet the demand.

Daily precautions for the guide rail: Do not touch it with your hands, and apply lubricating oil on it regularly. If it is not used for a long time, cover the surface of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer with a layer of protective cloth.


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