Brief Introduction of High-Speed Bottle Tumbler Printer Water Tank

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The water tank of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer provides water circulation for the LED lamp. It is water-cooled. The lamp will generate heat during the irradiation process. Without water circulation, the lamp beads will be easily damaged. It is generally required to add antifreeze to the water tank. In the case of extremely cold weather, the antifreeze is not easy to freeze, and distilled water can also be added if there is no condition.

The multifunctional water tank is an important part of the UV lamp system, mainly including the water cooling cycle and power supply, providing a stable light-curing environment for the UV lamp.

Introduction of UV lamp cooling water tank for high speed bottle printer
Introduction of UV lamp cooling water tank for high-speed bottle printer

Normally, the distilled water in the water tank should be changed every 2-3 months. This can effectively avoid excessive deposition of internal impurities and affect the cooling performance. It should be noted that the water tank is generally placed outside the rear or side of the equipment, do not place heavy objects on it or sit on it as a stool. This is easy to crush the parts inside the water tank and affects normal work.

Some UV flatbed printers will use air cooling to cool down. Compared with water cooling, the cost of air cooling is lower, but it is prone to uneven heat dissipation, instability, and excessive noise. Fewer and fewer devices will use air cooling.

The water tank itself is within the warranty scope of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer manufacturer. Usually, if there is a failure within 1 year, it will provide repair, replacement, and other services.

In addition, the size and shape of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer water tank will vary with different manufacturers and models. Some larger units may employ multiple water tanks to provide better cooling. At the same time, some high-end water tanks will have more functions, such as temperature control, automatic cleaning, and so on.

In addition to the water tank itself, it is also necessary to be equipped with corresponding water pumps, water pipes, and other accessories to ensure the normal operation of the water tank. When using the water tank, it is necessary to regularly check the water level and water quality, replace the water in the water tank in time, and ensure the normal operation of the water pump and other accessories.

In short, the high-speed bottle tumbler printer water tank is a very important part of the equipment, which has a great impact on the stability, life, and printing effect of the equipment. Therefore, factors such as power, size, and liquid capacity of the equipment need to be considered when purchasing, and regular maintenance is required to prolong its service life and improve printing quality.


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