High-speed cylindrical bottle tumbler printer pays back in half a year – has nothing to do with 80% of users

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Many users ask whether high-speed cylindrical bottle tumbler printers make money from personalized customization… This kind of question itself is wrong. It blames the commercial money-making process on a simple piece of equipment while ignoring important personnel, operations, costs, and other aspects. The result was that Naohan added a machine and resold it 2 months later.

Don’t believe too much that if you buy a high-speed cylindrical bottle tumbler printer, you can pay back the cost in 3 months and earn back another machine in 6 months. If this is the case, it is not your turn to buy the machine. The practitioners themselves have already bought it. crazy. Some of the customer cases listed have stable market orders and customer groups. However, the high-speed cylindrical bottle tumbler printer technology has helped them increase their added value and quickly recover costs, but the focus is on market channels and customer orders.

There is a simple formula for calculating the investment return period of a high-speed cylindrical bottle tumbler printer:

There are 365 days in a year, excluding holidays, employee leave, weekend holidays, equipment failure maintenance, etc., usually 200 effective production days are calculated, and the printing time is 8-10 hours per day. Assuming that the actual speed in production mode can achieve 10㎡ per hour (excluding the time for loading and unloading, alignment, coating, drawing, etc.), the output is 80㎡-100㎡ per day.

The costs of personnel, site rental, electricity bills, consumables, machine depreciation, etc. add up to 5-6 US dollars per square meter. Assume the equipment is purchased for $21,800. The external price per square meter is 10-12 US dollars, and the net profit is 5-6 US dollars, which requires 75 effective working days to 93 effective working days. When converted into normal time, it takes 136 days to 170 days, which is conservatively half a year.

Please note that these are all based on continuous orders and equipment performance and quality that can meet this requirement. In fact, 80% of users cannot do this. Of course, if the added value of the product is high enough (not a popular industry), it may be possible to pay back the capital within 3 months, but this is rarely the case.

If you want to calculate whether it is worth investing in equipment for production, you can calculate the payback period by applying the equipment price, product profit price, output, cost, etc. At this time, it is more reliable to consider whether you should choose high-speed cylindrical bottle tumbler printer equipment to make money…


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