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Recently, I have seen a lot of searches in the background about how much a uv printer costs. Today I will introduce you to the structure of the cost. As far as the current market environment is concerned, the cost of investing in a civilian A3 uv flatbed printer is USD2180-USD2880. If The total cost of an industrial type uv printer is USD3180-4380. If a customized machine is required, the price will be higher and the time will be slightly longer. The final price of the machine we invested consists of three parts.


One: Investment in machinery and equipment

The general price of civilian A3 uv printers is USD2180-USD2880, but its accuracy, speed, and lifespan are not ideal. Now it can hardly meet the production needs on the market. Most of the purchases are industrial A3 uv printers, which are more expensive. Some of them are generally between USD3180-USD4380. The output may not be much in the early stage, and the ink used is not much. After the manufacturer gives 1-2 sets of consumables, you can buy 2-3 sets by yourself. After all, the ink has a shelf life. It should not be stored for too long. If the quantity is large, it is another matter. You can prepare more. Now that the logistics is so convenient, it is good to stock up in advance. Generally, 3-5 sets of ink can meet the quantity of two months. During the period, you need to configure one. The price of a computer is between USD800-USD1200.

Two: Staff salary and office expenses

The staff costs in each region are different, so this can only be budgeted according to the local salary level. Generally, two months of staff and office expenses have to be reserved, USD1500-USD2000

Three: Factory rent, raw material costs

The rents in different regions are also different, so this fee needs to be determined according to the local economic level. It is calculated based on the average USD1500-USD2000. The cost of raw materials will be relatively small, and USD800-USD1200 can be satisfied.

Adding up these three main costs, plus other miscellaneous costs, it can be concluded that investing in a civilian A3 uv printer requires USD2180-USD2880 to open a shop, and an industrial type A3 uv printer requires USD3180-USD4380. However, this investment cost is relatively small compared to other projects. The advantage of the machine is that it saves time, labor and labor. It only requires one machine, one computer, and one manual operation. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and it can be used in 5-7 days.
Of course, when assessing the reasonable cost of investing in uv printers, it is also necessary to calculate the profit of the printed products, what is the approximate local demand, and calculate whether the cost can be recovered in about 8 months, if possible, The feasibility of this investment is still high. If the added value of the product is very low, and it takes one and a half years, two years, etc., to pay back, then it is not appropriate to choose a uv printer.


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