How to clean and maintain the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

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1. Maintenance of the ink circuit of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

During the long-term use of uv ink, various impurities will slowly precipitate in the ink tube. Usually, it is recommended to replace a new ink tube in about 6-7 months.

2. Cleaning the nozzle of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

It is recommended that technicians use manual methods to clean the nozzles. On the one hand, it saves the amount of ink and reduces costs, and on the other hand, the status of the nozzles can be seen more clearly. (Tools: cleaning solution, syringe, syringe, disposable gloves)

3. Maintenance of guide rails for high-speed cylindrical bottle printers?

It is recommended to wipe the guide rail with lubricating oil for about 2-3 months to achieve lubrication and maintenance effect.

4. Maintenance of the grating strip of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

The maintenance of the grating strip requires a technician to slowly wipe the surface of the grating strip after dipping a little alcohol on a non-woven fabric to remove the dust and particles attached to it. (Maintenance time is recommended once every 1-2 months)

5. High-speed cylindrical bottle printer platform and appearance cleaning and maintenance?

During daily use, keep the frequency of 1-2 days, and regularly wipe the ink remaining on the platform and the dust on the body with alcohol and non-woven fabrics.

6. Is the environment around the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer clean?

If there are too many dust impurities in the air, floating on the surface of the material, it will directly affect the printing effect, and there will be noises or patterns falling off and fading. Daily cleaning and ventilation of the floor are particularly important.


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