How to deal with the failure of the inkjet head cleaning system?

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Before we use the flatbed printer, it is best to conduct a routine inspection to ensure the quality of the product during production!

The content of daily inspection of uv flatbed printer:

First, check the nozzles, that is, print a test page to see the ink output. If the printer can print, but cannot print the specified content, some codes or other characters appear, and similar faults occur during self-test printing, most of them are due to the interface circuit. damage. The interface circuit of the printer belongs to the digital circuit. To judge whether it is damaged, the integrated circuit tester can be used for detection.

Since the model of the interface chip is roughly similar, the replacement method can also be used for maintenance. If it can work normally after the replacement, it means that the interface chip is damaged. Most of the interface chips of new uv printers are not directly welded, but installed with integrated circuit sockets, so it is not too difficult to replace them. When installing integrated circuits in old-fashioned printers, an integrated circuit socket can be soldered, which will facilitate maintenance.

How to deal with the failure of the inkjet head cleaning system?

Under normal circumstances, after the inkjet flatbed printer is turned on, the inkjet head is driven by the carriage and moves to the nozzle cleaning unit to perform the automatic nozzle cleaning procedure. The ink absorption mechanism in the nozzle cleaning system starts to absorb ink and clean the nozzles. , the print head is sealed by the sealing rubber on the print head frame to ensure the cleanness of the inkjet head. When the inkjet head cleaning system fails, the printhead makes an error in the cleaning process. At this point, the following processing can be performed:

1. Some parts in the inkjet head cleaning system are damaged.

If the sealing rubber parts are aging, etc., the damaged components should be replaced.

2. The feeding motor runs abnormally.

Since the driving of the cleaning unit in the inkjet head is transmitted through the paper feeding motor, when the motor fails, the inkjet head cleaning system is naturally affected. Check and repair the paper feed motor. The motor should be replaced if necessary.

3. The main control circuit board is faulty.

Replacement or repair of the main control circuit board must be determined based on the inspection.

4. The motor drive part of the carriage is faulty.

Since the carriage returns to the left end (some printers are at the right end) initial position, the paper feeding motor can be turned from the driving paper feeding mechanism to drive the inkjet head cleaning system and automatic paper feeder, etc. When the carriage motor drive fails, The carriage cannot normally move to the nozzle cleaning unit to perform the cleaning procedure, so the carriage motor and its drive circuit need to be checked and repaired.


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