How to distinguish between blocked printheads and broken lines in flatbed printers?

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The printhead of the flatbed printing machine is composed of many tiny nozzles of about the same size as the dust particles, so there will be nozzle clogging or broken lines. Micolorprint will talk to you briefly about how to distinguish between a blocked printhead and a broken line.

Flatbed printer in the printhead to do the print test, the print pattern in each small horizontal line represents a nozzle, when the horizontal line is missing, many people think it is nozzle blockage, in fact, most cases are broken line.

How to determine whether the flatbed printer is blocked or broken line?

The specific method is every time the printhead cleaning, do the print test, test pattern in the missing line position always no change, always in a fixed position missing line, which indicates that the nozzle is blocked; if the location of the missing line is always changing, not fixed, then it means that the line is broken. Flatbed printer occurs for a variety of reasons, such as changing the ink cartridge, adding ink, long-term use, etc., usually, do nozzle cleaning can be solved.

Printhead broken line how to solve?

Flatbed printers in the replacement of ink cartridges or add ink after the break line is normal. General cleaning 1 to 2 times will be good, and is each cleaning broken line will be reduced, it should be noted that the two cleaning time interval is best in more than 20 minutes. If the flatbed printer in the use of broken line, and the more cleaning broken line more, it means that the ink is exhausted, should immediately replace the cartridge or fill the ink.

UV flatbed printer because the nozzle is small, not only easy to nozzle blockage and broken lines, but also easy to make the nozzle panel is stained with ink. Sometimes the nozzle into the air, will also occur the phenomenon of poor ink injection. So you should get into the habit of doing uv printer nozzle check often, so you can avoid the scrapping of the print material caused by broken lines, but also to avoid wasting valuable time and ink.


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