How to maintain the nozzles of industrial flatbed printers?

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We all know that the weight occupied by the printhead in an industrial flatbed printer is the most important part and the most expensive part. Different printheads have different prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. A broken printhead not only affects production, but also delays delivery. deadline, and will greatly increase the cost. There are Epson, Seiko, Konica, Starlight, Ricoh and Kyocera on the market now. With the continuous development of time, those with poor speed and accuracy are gradually eliminated by the market. For example, Epson printheads are rarely used now, and their speed can no longer meet mass industrial production. The quality of the printheads of industrial flatbed printers directly affects the Printing quality, but at the same time it is very delicate and fragile, so today I will introduce some common sense to prolong the service life of the print head.

First: If the ink quality is not good enough, it will cause the nozzle to be blocked.

In order to save costs, some customers often replace the ink without authorization, and use some cheap ink that is not good enough. Long-term use will cause the filter to gradually block, cause damage to the ink pump, and even cause permanent blockage of the ink head. In this case, it can only be replaced. The print head, so remember not to pick up the sesame and lose the watermelon, it is best to use the ink specified by the manufacturer.

Second: drastic changes in temperature and humidity have a great impact on the print head and ink.

The temperature of the environment has a decisive influence on the ink. Too high or too low temperature will make the viscosity of the ink drop or increase a lot, thus breaking the initial state of the ink, resulting in line breakage or even spraying during the printing process. The screen appears blurred, so it is necessary to strictly follow the instruction manual on the machine.

Third: the viscosity of the ink is too high.

Excessive ink viscosity will cause the ink to stick in the ink delivery tube, resulting in insufficient ink supply, insufficient quantity, and color faults. Especially in winter, when the temperature is low, this phenomenon is more prominent.

Fourth: the effect of the voltage of the nozzle on the nozzle.

Because the voltage of the print head can determine the curvature of the piezoelectric ceramic inside the print head, high voltage can also increase the amount of ink jet. On the premise of not affecting the picture quality, the lower the better. The higher the voltage, the more frequent ink breaks and the reduced service life may occur. And the too low working voltage of the print head will affect the saturation of the picture.

Fifth: the effect of static electricity on equipment.

During the printing process, a large amount of static electricity is generated due to the friction between the inkjet substrate and the feed roller. If it cannot be eliminated in time, it will affect the normal operation of the print head, and the static electricity will also damage the print head, so it is necessary to bury the ground wire to eliminate static electricity!

After mastering the above five points, if you use it properly, there is no problem with the life of the nozzle for five years. The nozzle is the soul of the machine, so you must take good care and use it.


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